The Start of a New Journey-Farm Life

Many people think I’m crazy. They say it’s too much work. It can be nasty. It will tie you down.

But here, in this moment, my dreams are coming true. I’m in my element.

How do you start a farm?

For us, it’s been as simple as saying we want this animal to start off and following that goal. We are starting off small. We are learning more and more every day. We are taking it one day at a time.

We have been blessed with so many people that have been willing to help us pursue this dream. Some willing to help and didn’t even realize it.

To start off, a friend read a comment I had made to another friend on a Facebook post. A COMMENT that said we were wanting chickens. We didn’t even have a coop yet. Moments after I made the comment I got a phone call. We were offered a chicken AND a coop for the small price of going to pick it up. That’s what we did.

We really wanted a few more chickens to have more eggs. We have looked for a few weeks and couldn’t find any that were of age to be laying and go straight into the coop. Although I wanted to raise chicks, we didn’t have the means. We don’t have a screened in porch or a place to incubate them where hawks and other critters, and even our pitbull can’t get to them. Boaz is a sweet boy but he’s not used to farm animals so he is having to be introduced. All this being said, I had given up on the idea of raising chicks.

Then, the thought of having bunnies came up. I had one as a child and I’ve wanted them ever since I had children of my own. So we looked at rabbit hutches to decide If we wanted to buy one or build one or wait a while. Before we could make a decision, I saw a post from a friend on Facebook. They had a very heavy and sturdy, hand built rabbit hutch that they were GIVING AWAY. I always see “free” posts too late, long after they’ve been claimed, but not this time. I just happened to spot it right after she posted it and guess what— we got it! Guess that made our decision for us.

Turns out the hutch is also the perfect setup to raise baby chicks. It’s high off the ground, covered, locked, and has a huddle house in it. We are able to keep a heat lamp in it for them and everything else out! So, we went and bought us 4 chicks. They have so much room to play and seem so happy. They started out being scared of us and would go to the back of the cage where we can’t reach them to get them out (the huge barking dog didn’t help) but now they see us and come running to the door for loving. They have brought us so much joy in our time of quarantine. Boaz is doing better every day. I think he thinks they are squeaky toys rather than delicious snacks now and I can work with that. He’s learning. Oscar, on the other hand, loves them!! He loves playing chase with them but will not try to hurt them at all!

After the chicks are grown and big enough to go in the coop with the hen, we plan on getting bunnies next. Who knows what will come after that!? All I do know for sure is that this girl is becoming a farmer and loving every minute of it! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for the Brantner Farm! I am so thankful for all the friends that have been so willing to help us get started, even without realizing it. God has blessed us with the ability to start the farm we want. It’s a long process, one step, one pen, one animal at a time, but it’s so exciting to see it all unfold. If nothing else, my boys are learning to love and care for animals and they are enjoying it! That’s something they won’t learn at school!

It’s amazing how God created so many animals with the capability of bonding with humans, loving humans, and feeding humans all in their own different ways. Who knew you could bond with a chicken?

I think it’s safe to say you can now expect more farm life posts along with the others. I would love to inform others of all things farm life brings- the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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