A 1 year tribute to our wonderful pastor and First Lady…

A year ago today, our lives were greatly changed. It had been a rough year. A sad year. A confusing year. Many were broken hearted and felt lost.

In January of last year we unexpectedly lost our beloved pastor. He was something special! He was a friend, a confidante, a prayer advocate when we couldn’t pray for ourselves. He brought joy and laughter and had the most infectious laugh you’ll ever hear. From the moment we first visited his church, we felt loved. It was a hard loss.

I’ve been through several pastoral changes in my lifetime, but not like this and I was really struggling.

We didn’t know who our new pastor would be. I have a hard time trusting and I wasn’t sure I wanted to like the new one- just being honest here. I didn’t want to get close to another one and face a possibility of another heartbreak from losing them.

Then today happened, one year ago. The church voted. They won. We officially had a new pastor and First Lady.

Within moments on their first official Sunday, I knew that I was sunk. I loved yet another pastor and First Lady. How could I not?

Today I am so very thankful the church chose you. Words cannot express how much you’ve helped me through this first year. I have felt the prayers. I sincerely know you love me and my family as well as everyone in our church family. You will always be our “forever family.”

Angie has one of those infectious smiles. The voice of an angel. The heart of a mother. Pastor Rick has the compassionate heart, the love for children, and most of all the obedience to God.

My boys adore them both. They make a point to be at birthday parties, ball games, dinners, and anything else we ask them to attend. They are family. When you ask my boys about them, all they can say is good things!

God knew we needed you. You were the only ones that could have came and helped us heal. Although we will always miss LeGrand Kelly, we will also carry on and always love you and be grateful for both of you.

I wanted to use my blog as a platform to wish you a Happy 1st anniversary at Living Praise Christian Ministries Church of God! A small video clip wouldn’t have said enough from my heart!

The last few days, the reality of this quarantine has hit me. I haven’t been too stir crazy. With two boys, housework for days, and all the animals, one can’t really get bored. But I miss my church family. I miss my choir family. I miss the smiling faces, the hugs, the love. I miss worshipping together. I miss my pastor and First Lady. This song has been on my heart the last few days and I just thought it is so fitting to share on this post, to these wonderful people. Thank you for all that you do! I can’t wait to come back to church!


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