What’s Your Inspiration?

When life hits hard, as it did yesterday for me, be inspired.

When you can’t seem to stay up for falling back down, be inspired.

When you can’t get over the feeling of confusion, be inspired.

What inspires you most?

Perhaps your children. Mine inspire me to be better than the day before. To be good. To show kindness and love. To have patience.

Your job? Do you do something your passionate about that inspires you with new ideas daily? Are you inspired to work harder each day to reach your goals?

Money? Not greed, but the idea of having money- to help others, to do more for your community, to have more for your family.

A big one for me is animals. They love unconditionally. They are way more intelligent than we give them credit for. They live freely with out a care. They forget your wrongdoings in a moment. They are loyal. They inspire me to be a better friend that forgives easily and loves endlessly.

No matter what you’re facing, be it health, relationship drama, financial issues, or anything else this life brings our way, God has filled our paths with things to inspire us! If you don’t already know, I encourage you to find an inspiration and act on it.

Let the walk in Nature inspire you to paint a picture. Let the child’s giggle inspire you to be more happy and content with the little things. Let God’s creation inspire you.

Find your inspiration!

Live every day looking forward to being inspired by something!

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