Life in Quarantine-part… who cares?

Hey mamas. Are you tired yet? Are you ready to pull out your hair? This one’s for you.

Let me start by saying this- it’s ok to have “off” days. It’s ok to say I need a break from the school work and housework and anxiety. It’s ok to pull out a frozen uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chips for lunch. It’s ok have a lazy pj kind of day binge watching tv- even with the kiddos. We all need a break sometimes.

I’ve seen a lot of moms sayings they have created a schedule for their families in this time. Wake up at 6:00. Breakfast at 7 am sharp. Math 7:45-8:30. Reading 8:45-9:30. Physical activity/outdoor free play 10-11. Lunch at 11:30. Then science and social studies. Grammar and writing. Game of moms choosing. Dinner. Baths. Bed.

What!?! This stresses me out just looking at it. We are home with our children. Yes they need to learn. They need to keep their minds sharp. They need to spend time with their family. They need freedom from the stress and anxiety of a tight schedule.

Personally, I think my children have been more happy than ever in this time. They get to play together. Explore together. Clean their room together. Learn together.

Instead of scheduling so tightly, I encourage you to plan accordingly. Maybe give them a break from schoolwork in the middle of the week. Maybe let them play outside until dark one day and do their schooling after their baths. Maybe let them sleep in as long as they need every day.

One thing I do every day to keep my boys from getting bored is planning one fun and different activity for us to do as a family. It gives us family time. It entertains them. It excites them.

Some of our special activities have included relay races outside until dark, painting suncatchers, arcade basketball on the porch, movie night with popcorn, fried bread, candy, or smoothies, family games, family xbox time, hot dog roasts around a fire. More than entertaining themselves and more than just sitting around watching tv or plying on tablets, they are interacting with each other and spending time together.

Honestly, it’s been fun. I’ve laughed at them. We’ve worn ourselves out. We’ve enjoyed each other.

No tight schedules. No stress. We get everything done on our own time.

So tonight I encourage you. The most important thing you can do for your children in this time is to fill their days with love and happiness. Give them a relaxed environment. Let them know it’s ok and that this too shall pass. They will see their friends again. Life will be normal again. This is hard for them too.

And you mama, you need a break sometimes too and it’s ok to take one. It’s ok to stay in your pjs and not comb your hair. It’s ok to skip laundry for a day. It’s ok to eat off of paper plates.

Maybe this is God’s way of showing you that you need to slow down and enjoy the family He has given you. Maybe He is slowing you down to show you that you need to rest and take it easy. Maybe He wants you to relieve yourself of the stresses and anxieties of this world and focus on Him and what really matters.

Be still mama. Know that He is God. He sees your struggles. He knows your heart. Rest easy tonight and stop putting so much on yourself!

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