Life in Quarantine-Part 2

Today I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve done around the house during the quarantine.

Cleanliness makes me happy but it is an every day chore and takes a lot of time and effort. Dealing with scoliosis, I never know when I may have an off day and feel like doing nothing. So when I get something special accomplished, it always makes me feel so good!

Wednesday I got up with set goals and intentions of things I wanted to get done. As I got ready to begin, I got a notification on my phone that one of my family’s favorite singers was going live on Facebook. So I tuned in to him singing praise and worship and giving an encouraging word.

A lot of you know that when we moved in this house, I went from having no pantry at all to having a pretty nicely sized large one. It appeared full. Every time I opened it cups would fall on me. A big, unnecessary tub of grocery bags took up most of my bottom shelf. It was a mess. So I spontaneously decided to take everything out, throw stuff (mainly the hoarded plastic cups that my kids will never miss), and reorganized! Now it just needs re-stocked!

I propped my phone up in the pantry and reorganized while singing praise and worship with Jason Crabb. How cool is that?

I didn’t think to get a before picture but here is the new and improved pantry that will not be neglected again.. I hope.

Of course I clean every day, but I like to take on one big “extra” project a day to help me stay organized and feel productive. Over the last couple of weeks my spring cleaning mode has really kicked in.

Another day, I decided to tackle our master closet. It was horrible!! We couldn’t open the door all the way and we couldn’t walk in the floor due to shoes being everywhere. The main reason being that the shoe rack we have is of no account and if you don’t put the shoes in just the right way, they will slide off, but David and I both are bad about taking our shoes off at the closet door and leaving them. I couldn’t even find certain pairs that I wanted to wear. The struggle is real!

So I pulled out everything and redid our closet. I got rid of a lot of clothes and shoes and junk in the process and it’s so very nice to be able to actually WALK in my WALK-IN closet!

Lastly, I thought I’d share what I did yesterday. Although he loves us being home all the time with him, I’m not so sure my Oscar was enjoying this whole quarantine thing yesterday. He found out it would mean that he had to lose about 10 pounds… in hair! He feels so much better when his hair is short. He is more spunky. But he HATES the process.


Yep. He didn’t like mommy having the time to cut his hair and bathe him, but I love the quality time with my fur baby. I love making him feel, look, and smell better. And- once a groomer, always a groomer. Sometimes I miss grooming!

Isn’t he too stinking cute, y’all!?!?

So, life in quarantine hasn’t been all that bad. It’s been productive. It’s been restful. It’s been stress-free!

So whatever you need done, let this be encouragement to take this time to do it! The Bible tells us to do everything for the Glory of God. Take pride in what you do! I promise you’ll feel so much better and you’ll be happy with yourself once you have!

Check back tomorrow for more of what we’ve been doing during this time of life in quarantine!

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