Love, Knowing You are Loved

Do you ever feel like you give more love than you receive?

Sometimes I feel like I love too much.

I saw a post on Facebook a while back that says “I think some of us were born to give more love than we will ever see in return.”

Have you ever felt like that? I certainly have! I always feel like I’ve loved to the point of vulnerability. I always get hurt most by the people I love.

But-Isn’t that why we are here on earth? To share God’s love? To love His people? To shine a light in darkness?

Maybe that statement is somewhat true. Maybe God put me here with a heart full of love- for everyone. Even strangers. Because of that love I hurt even when strangers are hurting. I carry burdens alongside of friends and family. I ache when they ache.

Because of the love I have for others, God is able to remind me every day that He loves me so much more. So much more than I can fathom.

Tonight, whoever you may be that is reading this blog, whether I know you or not, I need you to know a few things. One thing is that I love you and have a burden for your soul. I will pray with and for you. I will be a listening ear. I will encourage and inspire you as much as you allow and God permits. But the second thing, the most important is this- God loves you so very much. More than your mama, more than your boyfriend, more than any human could ever love you. It’s time you put Him first and accept that love.

Never allow yourself to feel unloved. The people around you may fail you, but your Father never will.

I’m so grateful to be loved. I know in my darkest moment when I feel like no one around me cares, I can go to Him and rest in His safe harbor knowing I am loved by the only One that matters.

Thank you, Lord for Your never ending love!

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