A Prayer From My Heart

Tonight, I’m doing something a little different on the blog.

Tomorrow, school starts back for my boys and most of the kiddos around here. Tomorrow work is back for all of my teacher friends. Tomorrow, the roads will be busier and homes will be emptier.

Tonight, I feel led to share my prayer with you.

I have a lot of family that needs prayer tonight. Sicknesses, surgeries, heartache. I have many friends and church family that need prayer tonight. I also know a lot of kiddos that need prayer tonight before a new school year begins tomorrow.

I’m asking that you say a special prayer for not only my requests but your own.

Dear Lord,

Tonight I’m coming to you. An open book. A friend, a family member, a mother with a heavy heart. I have so many requests flowing through my mind.

I pray that you would walk beside each child as they enter the doors of the school for another year. Relieve nerves, stress, and anxiety. Calm fears. Keep them safe. Help them learn and build friendships. Most importantly, let them feel Your presence with them. Bring them all home safely to their moms and dads.

I pray for the teachers and all staff members that will interact with the children. That they have rest and encouragement. That they have excitement. That they have clean minds and fresh desires to see the children progress. That they have big dreams to build these children’s futures. That they have the strength and patience they need to fulfill their duties. That they get breaks when they need them. That they are a blessing to the children and that they are in turn blessed by You.

I pray that you would heal each of my family members and friends and church family that are dealing with physical illnesses and pain from surgeries. I pray for complete healing. Divine healing. That all pain be relieved. That all issues be subsided. That You bring rest. You know the needs. You know each name on my heart. I pray that you would touch the doctors involved in all things and bless these individuals on my heart.

I pray for loved ones that are dealing with “junk” right now. Hurt. Anxiety. Depression. Loss. I pray for comfort and peace. I pray for restoration. I pray for all that are going through Spiritual battles tonight. Bring rest to the weary. Love to those that feel unloved. Light to those that feel they are wandering in darkness.

I pray for a touch of God on all my loved ones. All needs, big and small. Healing. Peace. Restoration. Hope. Joy. Love. Comfort. Rest.


Tonight I’m writing with a heavy heart, but a trusting heart. I know I serve a God that is able and His will is grander than my own.

The Bible says that when two or three are gathered in prayer, He is there, listening, hearing your heart’s plea.

So a little different, I know, but tonight I felt the need to put it out there. We all deal with stuff. As much as I ask you to pray for my needs, I would love to pray for yours. Feel free to drop a comment or privately message me if you are in need of prayer. There is nothing too big, too small, or unimportant in God’s eyes. I’m standing on faith knowing He’s heard my prayer tonight and He will hear yours as well.

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