Until we meet again…

Tomorrow we celebrate yet another life taken from us. I haven’t posted about this yet because I felt too scatter-brained to say what I was longing to say. Tonight I’m gonna give it a try…

Too many years ago to count, a very young newly teenage girl was doing nursing home ministry with her dad. (Yes me, I was the soloist!). A family, consisting of a grandmother and grandfather and their four grandsons that they were raising began coming to our church. Soon we found out that the four boys were a quartet and man, could they sing. So, dad invited them to come sing at the nursing home with us.

Long story short, it became a routine thing. Every Sunday that we has nursing home, the boys would come sing, I would sing, and then their grandfather would sing. Yes, he had an amazing voice.

As we got older, the oldest grandson and I became very close friends. We began singing together in church. Our youth traveled from church to church doing dramas and dances and skits. Me and Alex always sang. Richard, his grandpa always loved to hear us sing.

Time moved on. Life happened. After several years we all ended up in different places.

Richards health began to fail. He went blind. The grandkids went their separate ways. Some got married and had babies. I didn’t see or hear from them.

About two and a half years ago, we started going to the church that we are now members at. We reunited with the grandparents, that go to that church as well. A few months back, Richard was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

He suffered for months, but he received the ultimate healing, Thursday morning when he won his battle and ran into the arms of his Lord, Jesus Christ.

Richard was such a sweet man. He always called me his girl. He was a godly man. I loved to hear him sing. I loved to see him walk through those church doors.

He was such a blessing. His faith has touched many. When he was too weak to walk without help and could barely stand, he had his precious wife bring him in to church. With the last bit of strength he had, this man would stand and lift his hands to Heaven to praise God. It blessed me every single time.

Sometimes we as Christians need encouragement in our faith to strengthen and restore our own relationship with Christ. This man encouraged me daily and his legacy will live on forever.

Richard, rest easy. You fought a good fight. You loved with all you had. You took care of so many. You blessed others. You worshipped so big. You struggled. You hurt. Most importantly, you kept a strong faith. You remained godly. You trusted God. Great is your reward.

I can only imagine the look in your eyes. I always loved to hear you sing, but I bet it’s the most beautiful now as you sing with the angels. Oh the reunion you are having with your loved ones and our dear pastor! On earth, you will be so missed, but this is not goodbye. Until we meet again, sweet friend…

Prayers for the family and much love.

2 thoughts on “Until we meet again…

  1. Hi,
    My name is Janice Estep. I am Richard’s oldest daughter. I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for writing such a wonderful tribute about my dad. He was loved by so many and it touches my heart to hear stories about lives he touched. We miss him so much but are comforted knowing he is with the Lord and oh, the beautiful things he can see now with perfect vision! I just know he has all of Heaven singing!
    Kindest regards,

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    1. Of course! I meant every word! He was a wonderful man and always made me smile. I loved him dearly! I will sure miss him as I know all of you will but I am so happy that his suffering has ended. I wish I could see just a glimpse of him reuniting with our sweet pastor and singing with the angels! He will always have a special place in my heart as will your precious mama! I’m glad that my writing could bring a moment of joy to you. Thank you for reading! Much love and prayers to you and your sweet family!


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