Happy Retirement Day, Dad!

The day he has been waiting for is finally here! He was so excited. We all were excited for him. Dad got to retire!

As a child, I know I took everything my dad did for us for granted. Now, looking back I realize just how much he did! He was a hard worker. He worked faithfully to provide for his family. He not only provided our needs but we always had pretty much everything we wanted too.

He was a good dad. A good husband. A good man. No one is more deserving of this accomplishment than him. I’m so proud of him!

As we sat in the crowded room at his work for his retirement party on his last day at the job, several men and women young and old made a point to stand and say something about my dad. Not one negative comment was said, even though my dad wasn’t always treated right at work. They all said he was a hard worker and that they would miss him.

Dad was awarded with gifts and speeches that made him feel so special. How could he not, he’s a very lovable man, right?

During the “fellowship” time, one of the workers came up to me to talk.

‘Oh you. I know who you are. I know that name. You were the one dad would come home stressed about. You were the one who said those ugly things. You were the one he prayed for every night. You were the one he tried to witness to every day. You were the name I heard when dad was angry.

But, you also called when dad had his surgery. You sincerely apologized to my mom for what he was going through. She believed every word. You offered to help us in any way, if we needed anything. You had faith that my daddy would pull through. You, sir, are one I have mixed feelings about. I want to see good in you, but I’m not sure what to think. Now, I match the name to the face. I know who you are. ‘

This man has a rough name to my family. We all know what he’s said and what he’s done. Today, he told me he would miss my dad. Today, he told me my dad was the best worker the company had. Today, he told me my dad was a good man and he enjoyed working with him. Every word is true, but how much of that he really meant, I’m not sure. But the last comment he made, caught my attention. I agreed with it 100%. Even more so, I knew he meant it. He said “your dad has been through a lot in this last year. He was strong. He overcame it. I was shocked to see him back at work but he looks good. Look at him. I could say many things about your dad, but the most important is this- he’s a MAN OF FAITH”.

Yes he is just that. A man of faith. A man that’s been tested and tried and still stands strong. A man I look up to and respect. A man that followed his faith and did what he needed to do to provide for his family. A man that used that faith and did what we are all called to do on the daily- witness and minister to those around us.A man that is now seeing benefits of that faithfulness.

This was just a glimpse of the testimony my dad has. All of those prayers, all of that witnessing every chance he got, has left an imprint on the most hard core of all the men he worked with. This is our purpose. Dad’s character and moral and most importantly, faithfulness has left an everlasting mark on these men. Whether they accept it or not, it’s there and it shows.

So, again, Dad- I’m so happy for you. You deserve this. I hope you have a happy retirement. I hope you enjoy every moment spent with mom, your grandkids, your kids, and everyone else in your family. I love you so much more than you know and am so happy to be able to share this moment with you.

Congratulations, dad!!

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