Something to smile about..

Warning: tonight’s post might just make you smile.

Just so you know I’m an animal lover. ALL animals. Big and small. They are God’s creation and my heart.

With that being said, I don’t write about my babies often, but tonight I’d like to share a love story.

Over the summer, David and I decided to rescue a “rescue” baby. This dog had wandered into an acquaintance’s workplace and was brought to his home. But his dogs are territorial and it wasn’t working out. So, his wife reached out on Facebook to find a home for the dog. She posted on several sites as well as her personal page. No responses. I followed the post and shared as I was drawn to the pictures of the handsome guy. I knew he had pit bull in him, which would turn people away.

I reached out to friends I know in the rescue business but they were all booked up and just couldn’t take another dog. So I watched the post, prayed he would find a good home, and shared.

Then, I saw a post that broke my heart. No one had shown any interest in him and the woman was going to her home, Canada, in a week. If no one took him by then, she would have no choice than to take him to the shelter.

Unfortunately, Union County is a kill shelter and any dog with any amount of pit in their bloodline will be the first to go.

I was heartbroken.

I begged and pleaded with David until I finally talked him in to going and meeting the dog, without the boys. I fell in love, and for one who is nowhere near being an animal lover like myself, David took a liking to him as well.

Long story short- today I am a proud mama of an 85+ pound pit mix and I wouldn’t change my decision for the world.

We named him Boaz. It just fit. The story of Boaz in the Bible is one of the greatest love stories of all. I like to think that we are our Boaz’s love story.

He has become such a mamas boy. I love the greeting I get every night when I come home from work. He’s my baby. My very large baby. My next goal is to train him to be an emotional support dog so I can take him to hospitals and nursing homes to visit. Crazy dream? Maybe. But I’m going to give it a shot because I believe in him. I’d love to show the world how awesome he is. I’d love to allow him to do good for others. He’s incredibly intelligent and such a quick learner. He already knows so many commands, and unlike my 12 year old shih tzu, he comes on command, stops on command, and listens for mamas call no matter where he is.

What joy it is to come home to our for babies who love and miss us unconditionally. I strongly encourage you to rescue a baby of your own. It will change your life.

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