You go, Clay!

Tonight I’m proud of my oldest son. (Not that I’m not always proud)

Clay has had a loose tooth in the front top of his mouth for a while now. So long so that the adult tooth has been growing in behind it. Tonight I was wiggling it to see if I could get it out for him and I noticed that half of it was completely unattached from the root. I told him that my fingers were to big but if he would stick his finger up under it and it pull it I was sure it would come out.

Well, Clay is my little timid one. He’s always afraid of pain. I truly didn’t think he’d take my advice.

Guess what!?! He did it! He actually did it!

He pulled one time. His eyes got so big and his mouth dropped as he hollered “mommy, I did it!”

I can’t believe he actually did it but I’m so proud of him!

It’s the little things. Things like this that I will miss when he’s grown. I already see it coming. I cherish every moment. The pure joy on his face from simply pulling a tooth out! Moments like these I wish could last forever. A moment of happiness in the midst of our storm.

Be still my heart…

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