My Unexpected Blessing

There are several times in my life that I ask God why He chose me to be the mother of the two little boys He gave me. What did I do to deserve them? The good, the bad, the joy they bring?

They are my angels, sent from God, the joy that I needed in my life!

On Sundays, my boys usually go home with their grandparents after church so that I can be free to be involved at our youth functions. Today, Heath was determined that he was going with me for the afternoon.

Not gonna lie, I was a little frustrated. It would be “inconvenient” for me to have to drop him off on the way to youth rather than him just going then, and besides, I needed to go pickup a piece of furniture from storage and let’s all face it- errands are easier without toddlers!

But, I gave in. I couldn’t tell that sweet face no. Boy am I glad I did.

You see, we had an awesome service at church this morning. I received many blessings throughout the day. I had no idea the biggest blessing was yet to come and from my 3 year old at that!

This morning our pastor spoke about ministry. How we are so blessed to have a congregation full of ministers- music, missions, servants, and more.

Anyone that knows me knows my heart for ministry and sharing God’s love.

After we left the storage unit, I drove around to the Taco Bell drive-thru. I saw an older man sitting on the ground against a restaurant that had been closed down.

As I got to the long line to wait for the drive thru I clearly heard God tell me to buy that man some food. I argued. He won.

I bought him several tacos and a large sweet tea. As I drove around the building I prayed out loud “God, please keep me safe. If I have to get out of this car to hand him the food, let me get back in safely.”

I pulled to the side where I put his food into a separate bag that I had requested at Taco Bell. I got out and I looked at Heath and told him to stay inside the car!

This man had no sign, was not begging for money, wouldn’t even look at me because he didn’t want me to think he was begging, but it was obvious that he was homeless .

I walked up to him and said ” sir, are you hungry?” He very quietly replied “yes ma’am.” I asked him if he liked tacos. “I like anything that can be eaten.” I handed him the bag of food and the tea and told him I hoped he had a very blessed day. He thanked me with a tear in his eye.

I got in the car and looked back at him as I drove off. He was eating his food rapidly, like a stray dog that hadn’t eaten for days. It blessed my heart to know I was there at the right time and able to help him.

But God wasn’t done messing me up.

My three year old flooded me with questions- “why did you do that mommy? Who was he? Do you know him? Why was he sitting on the ground?”

I answered as best I knew how to give a curious toddler satisfying answers. I explained to him that God tells us to love others, to help those in need, and to serve others. I explained that the man didn’t have a warm, dry home with food every time he got hungry.

We were almost home and had kinda quit talking about the man, when my big, blue-eyed angel caught me off guard. In his sweet little voice he said “mommy, I like that man. I don’t hate him, because that’s not good. Mommy, can we pray for him?”

I agreed.

I listened with tears in my eyes as my THREE YEAR OLD said this prayer: “Dear Jesus, thank you for that man. Thank you for my mommy being able to give him food. Please help him find a home. Please keep him warm and give him more food so he won’t be hungry. Please bless him. Amen.”

Yep. God messed me up. AGAIN.

How often do we complain about the food we have in our pantry, the restaurants we can’t agree on with our loved ones, the choices that we have and “aren’t in the mood for”?

I wasn’t wanting to take this little one with me today because it would’ve have been easier to do what I needed to do without him.

I needed a blessing today. God gave it to me through my toddler!

I am so blessed to be called his mommy. God knew what I’d need in my life and gave me the perfect two boys to fit my life.

I’m one blessed mama.

This little guy made my day!

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