It’s time to make a decision. Turn to God.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

So. Many. Decisions.

Life changing decisions. Smaller decisions. What if? decisions. Either way is ok decisions.

Life leaves us with many decisions to make and many are not easy. A lot of times if we make the wrong decision, we pay a not so pretty consequence.

Tonight I am faced with one of those decisions. If I say “yes” my current situation changes, but it could be for the better. It could also bring about some negative feelings.

If I say “no” I could miss out on something bigger and better. Something that would make me happier. Or things stay the same and I don’t have to worry about the change.

What do I do?

My best answer for that is to PRAY and TRUST God to give me the answer.

I’m scared to jump and fall. I’m scared to stay and miss out.

God help me. Help me to make the right decision. Help me to have peace with that decision. Help me not to look back. Help me to face whatever may come with that decision like a champ.

Never make a decision without God. Never.

Always trust.

Please pray for me as I have a tough decision to make. I know what I want and what will make me happy. I know the outcome of either side of the decision. I know God knows what I need to do.

So when you face the big decisions, turn to God for the answer. He won’t lead you the wrong way. Make your decision in confidence.

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