God vs. Enemy

Hello readers!

Let me begin by taking a quick minute to apologize— I’ve been MIA for quite a while.

It all started when my daddy found out he had to have heart surgery.

Life became hectic with doctor visits, late nights at the hospital, family and friend visits, and then trying to squeeze in a few last minute mini vacations and fun activities and a dog rescue to try to enjoy the little bit of summer we had left. Then school starts back and work for me and time got away.

Anyway, I’m back!! After many requests to start my blog back, here I am! I most likely will not post every single night, but I will do it often!!

So for tonight.. a quick reminder of the impact a “tight” relationship with God has on the enemy–

If you follow my Facebook, you know I’ve had a very eventful weekend (and boy am I exhausted from it tonight!) Friday night we took the boys to meet their favorite singer, Jason Crabb. Not only did they get to be at his concert, but they got to hug him, talk to him, dance with him, and get their books by him signed!! They were thrilled. I cannot tell you how good of a man he is. It was such a blessing!

Then, Early Saturday morning, I loaded my bags into my car, along with my sister in law and drove the furthest I’ve ever driven on my own to Whittier, NC, to the WNC Church of God campground to a youth conference, called firefall. My mission was to chaperone the youth from our church, pray with them, watch them be blessed, and then bring them all home safely.

But, God had a different plan. You see, the preacher spoke about plugging into the source and having unstoppable POWER when you are fully plugged in— into Jesus!

It was a message meant for youth, but I needed it too!

So, along with several teenagers from all over NC, I made a decision to step up my game. I was determined to bring home that energy and work on a stronger relationship with God.

So a good weekend full of church events and drawing closer to God equals- a not so happy enemy!

We got back to Monroe and it hit me. I’m. So. TIRED! I had picked up my dog from my mama, got dinner, and drove down to the in law’s to pick up the boys and head home for bed!!!

Satan decided to strike. He will use anything he can, even something simple to ruin a good weekend that was full of worship!

I left Oscar in the car just to walk in and get the boys. I came out and he had propped himself up to look out the window of the car. No problem, right??? SO WRONG!

He had propped his feet on the lock, pushing it down, locking all the doors to the car, with him, and MY KEYS inside.

Yep. Great weekend. Ending on a sour note.

I panicked. David’s the only one with another key to my car and he’s at work. I couldn’t get him on his phone. His work operator wouldn’t answer. I couldn’t get his friends.

My dog was going to freeze in the car! My food was going to go bad! What if Oscar needed to go potty?

A million questions begin.

I got upset.

Long story short- I got ahold of David and my mother in law took me to get his key, I’m now home in my warm bed!

As I saw my goofy looking, hard-working, welder of a husband walking to me with a key in his hand, and my mother in law and I chuckled at his appearance, God placed a realization in my mind. (Ps- I got to see my hubby when life said I wouldn’t until tomorrow!)

I had a fantastic weekend. I acted like a teenager again. I laughed. I enjoyed myself. I drew closer to God.

Wait! What?


The enemy couldn’t bear the thought of me bringing that joy home and so he tried to steal that joy the very night I got home. I’m human. I almost let him.

As my husband laughed at me and what had happened when I thought he was going to be upset, God instantly reminded me of the joy I brought home with me.

It’s amazing how quickly Satan can strike. You’ve had the best time and within minutes he tries to bring you down.

We have to be careful. Our joy is not his to steal. It is given to us by our Father in heaven who desires us to be happy!

So, a situation that seemed really bad in the moment was nothing but the enemy trying to take away the joy and POWER that I had brought home.




In case you didn’t see them on Facebook here are the pics and videos from Jason Crabb and Firefall-

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