I’m blessed to call him “Daddy”

I can honestly say the hardest moments of my life are happening RIGHT NOW.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is watch my dad cry out in pain knowing I can’t do anything for him. I can’t take this from him.

I can pray. I will pray. I can believe. I do believe. But I CAN’T take this from him.

My dad is an amazing man. He is a trooper. He’s stronger than most. He’s wise. He’s brave. He’s compassionate. He’s loving. He’s FAITHFUL.

Let me tell you what kind of man my daddy is-

Tonight, in his unbearable pain, my daddy was more concerned about me. He was worried about me missing a trip to West Virginia that I take every Fourth of July to see my family. A trip he knows I look so forward to every year. A trip I couldn’t bear to take with his current condition. As a tear of pain rolled down his cheek, his words to me were “Go. Have fun on your vacation.”

His heart doesn’t want to hear that I’ve decided to stay back and help take care of him this year.

Then, in a painful whisper, he also told me he loved me very much.

He’s hurting. He’s suffering. I can’t do anything for him. Yet he’s thinking of me.

But that’s not the best part.

In painful agony, my dad began to lift his weak hands and praise the Lord.

Let’s be honest here, the human in me might want to be mad at God for allowing me to go through that pain if I was in his shoes. My dad kept telling me how good God is. How He’s done so much for him. How He’s always there to pull him through.

Daddy didn’t question God one time for allowing this to happen to him. He embraced it. He took a deep breath and took it in. He faced it like a champ. He praised God.

You see, my heart is broken for my daddy right now. My sleep is deprived. My mind is distracted. My whole system is a nervous wreck.

But my heart’s cry is the verse a friend gave me at the beginning of all this… Lord give me a new heart.

Change me.

Give me the faith of my daddy.

He loves Jesus no matter what.

He’s faithful.

He’s the best man I know.

He’s my hero.

God, help my daddy tonight. Reward his faithfulness and relieve his pain. Bless him. Strengthen him. Help him. He’s cried out to You for help today. Then he worshipped You just because of who You are. Give home rest. Give him peace. Give him complete healing. While my heart is breaking for him, give him a new heart. Work a miracle.

Thank you friends and family for all the love, support, and prayers at this time. Please continue to pray for healing for dad and peace and comfort for the rest of us. It is so hard to see him like this.

Much love.



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