“Daddy’s Hands”

At my age, I have seen way to many of my friends lose a parent. I’ve sat back and watched them hurt and wish I could do something to take their pain away, but in a way I’ve also been very selfish.

Let me explain.

I feel for them but I’ve taken my parents for granted way too many times. I love my parents more than life itself but I haven’t always showed them like I should.

I was a hard teenager to live with, but they loved me. Unconditionally. Anyway.

I’ve brought on a lot of heartache and disappointment through the years. But they loved me. Unconditionally. Anyway.

I haven’t always showed them I loved them. But they loved me. Unconditionally. Anyway.

Through thick and thin, I can honestly say they’ve ALWAYS been there for me. They’ve never missed a beat. They’ve forgiven the unforgivable, let go of the unimaginable, and loved the unloveable.

Every fiber in my being wants to scream at the top of my lungs how much I love and need them. I can’t do life without them. EVER. I am not strong enough.

With Father’s Day weekend heavy on my heart tonight and everyone rushing to get last minute gifts, I can’t help but ponder the question Why? Why, did my Heavenly Father love me enough to give me the wonderful earthly dad I have? As a parent, I understand how you can love no matter what. But there are so many deadbeat, uncaring fathers out there. How did I get chosen to have the best one there is?

He’s my hero.

I want nothing more than to make him proud. To show him my love every day. To not let another day go by that I take him for granted. To take care of him like he has me all these years.

Boy, could my daddy make that hand hurt when I’d done wrong. But, those hands were always there to pick me up when I needed, hold me up to keep me from falling, and to wrap around me when I was sad. Daddy’s hands have built things that I’ve wanted and a swing set for his grandsons. Those hands have worked hard to be a provider through the years. Those hands corrected us and taught us right from wrong. Those hands held us when we needed held. They still care for us. Daddy’s hands are ALWAYS filled with love.

Words can’t express my love for you dad. You are one of my reasons to be the best I can be.

Tonight, I thank God for you and I thank you for being you! I love you with my whole heart!

Don’t take your parents for granted, people! They are too important and life is too short. Here’s one for you, dad.

Daddy’s hands



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