A quick update…

Hello all my faithful readers! I feel like I have been MIA for a while now and I apologize! Life has been hectic!!

I thought I’d give a few quick updates on the blog tonight so you will know where I have been…

First off, we are happy and blessed to announce that we have finally closed and moved into our new home!!! It felt like the day would never get here but tomorrow marks one week and we are loving it! It was so well worth the wait!!! Pictures to come later on the blog.. after several boxes are out of the way and it actually looks like someone lives here!!

We couldn’t be more happy!

Did I mention I have some pretty great co-workers!?! Monday was a very hard day for me. I was late to work because my dog ran off and I thought I’d lost him!! I’ve been so drained from the move and getting no rest. I was not looking forward to a day of work with hyped up kiddos. But then I walked in to a sweet gift on my table at work. I haven’t been there very long but I’ve made a special friend who chose to take time out of her busy life to pay attention to what was going on in mine. A kind thought went a long way with a special doormat to match the teal door I’ve dreamed of and will hopefully have soon! I have been blessed with some pretty special friends in my lifetime! Thank you Terri!!

Lastly, between celebrating the end of the school year with my class, I have been celebrating a hard working little man! He has worked hard to turn his weaknesses into strengths and has improved tremendously throughout the year. He worked hard to read and memorize his lines and he got the “most dependable” award for the year. Introducing my first born, half of my heart, the handsome, hard working, soon to be second grader! This mama couldn’t be more proud! (Excuse me for a moment while I go to my crying corner.)

God sure has blessed me through the years. I have the best kids! The beats to my heart. The reasons for my smile. I can’t handle all this cuteness!!

Here’s to a wonderful fun-filled summer that is centered around Jesus and family and friends. Here’s to making memories! Here’s to more blog topics!! 😊



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