Happy Mother’s Day

It’s one of those years that I’m choosing to celebrate Mother’s Day a little differently.

The gifts are special. The love shared by all is so sweet.

I am so very blessed to have a Praying, God-fearing, loving, special mama in my life. Now that I’m older and understand motherhood- she has become my best friend! I love you so much mom!

But now, as a mother myself, Mother’s Day means more to me.

I love the gifts. I love the cards. I love the hand made crafts.

But most of all I love my boys.

I love every poopy butt I’ve had to wipe, every mess I’ve had to clean, every tear I’ve had to wipe away. Every frustrating occurrence that lead up to this moment, I cherish.

Growing up with a good loving family was brilliant. Having a cool brother was nice. Becoming a teenager and driving was awesome. Dating was fun. Becoming a wife was special, but this- Motherhood- this is the best feeling in the world!

Now that I have them, I can’t imagine life without my boys.

I’m privileged to be celebrating today as a mom- a dream many women can’t fulfill.

Today I chose to celebrate my sons. The two little guys that made me a mom. The two beats to my heart.

We got ice cream on this wickedly hot day- and I told my boys I was celebrating them because without them, mommy would not be a name I would be called.

I love you special little guys. Thank you for making me who I am today!

Thank you, mama for giving me an example to follow!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you special mamas out there!! What a blessing it is to be called MAMA!!

Ps- Heath couldn’t decided which he wanted more— sleep or ice cream??



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