Fun day in the middle of the week?

Most of the time our family fun happens on the weekends simply because we are off of work and school, but this week was different. We had a fun Tuesday!

Since we’ve had Heath, we’ve always done things with both of our boys. It’s so fun having two! But, Clay still sometimes gets a little jealous or hurt. He was used to being the only child for 4 years before little Heath came along. So, most of today was all about Clay.

Today, David and I BOTH chaperoned Clay’s 1st grade field trip. We went to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. We had a blast. We had Clay along with one other little boy and were able to take them around to see every animal, we fed animals, had icees, and bought souvenirs. Yes, we missed Heath and would have loved to have him, but it was against school policy. I think Clay enjoyed the day being about him. He even got to ride a charter bus for the first time!

(PS- mommy loves ALL animals so she may or may not have had just as much fun seeing and feeding them)

After we picked Heath up, David and I decided to go to the Library for early voting. With our work schedules it’s always hard to find time to go. Guys- if you haven’t voted-please do! It’s so important to be able to have a say In Our leaders. Research! Know about them before you vote for them and pick the best choice! Especially in today’s society it’s so important to know who we are putting into office! I also think it’s important that our children see us researching and praying about it and voting. They need to be taught the importance!

Next we walked over and let the boys play in the awesome kids center in the library and they each got a couple of books to bring home.

We finished the day at home, a little ball outside before the rain started back up, dinner, and baths for bed to prepare to get back into routine tomorrow.

It’s so important to spend time with your family. I can’t stand the thought of my kids growing up (and they are growing too fast) and me regretting not having spent time with them while they were young. It’s so important to make them feel special and loved! I enjoyed my day so much with my family!!

Don’t take your family time or your right to vote for granted!!



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