Spring Break 2018

As spring break is coming to an end, I’m sad about leaving the kiddos and going back to work, but I’ve got a lot to look forward to as well.

Last year we took the kids to the beach in all the craziness for spring break.

This year we spent most of spring break house-hunting. It’s exhausting and the kids have not enjoyed going from house to house!

Even though, we didn’t go off and didn’t get to do as much as I’d have like to focus on the boys and make this spring break fun for them, we did have some fun and funny moments. I’ll share a few:

Fun- we started Easter weekend off with an Easter egg hunt at my brother’s church. The Funny part was that Heath would not cooperate. He stood in front of a prize egg and stared at it and all the others while the other children went crazy. I was so frustrated because I knew he would want candy when Clay ate his out of all the eggs he got. But it is what it is.

Fun- we went shopping as family after the egg hunt to find us all Easter outfits. The boys got more clothes than intended but we all got a special outfit for Easter Sunday. We always get the boys a new outfit for Easter but this year David and I did too. It was fun to let the boys pick theirs out and it was special to spend the day together! We took a break when the boys got tired of shopping and took them to play putt putt. Family time is the best!

Fun- Easter is a special day all to itself. We get to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. What more to be excited about!?! We also get to enjoy dressing up for church, singing praise to Him, and family time. This year we took it a step further because it was April Fool’s day and David’s birthday. So we had an awesome church service, lunch with family, tricks and fool’s jokes, egg hunts and then birthday celebrations all in one day- talk about a tired mama! 😂

Fun- We spent Tuesday with my parents, my sweet nephew, and my aunt and uncle at the park. We had a picnic lunch and let the boys play together. The boys have missed their cousin so much! They don’t get to see him as much with me working, because I don’t get to keep him anymore.

Funny- Heath started a new routine this week- every morning when he gets up, he strips his clothes off, throws his wet diaper in the trash, pees in the potty, and then comes running through the house naked laughing and singing until I catch him and put his pull up on… talk about fun times!!

Fun- we dropped the boys off with nana and cousin Jaxon on Wednesday and David and I were able to squeeze in a quick day date- Olive Garden and to the movies! We have been stressing over the house stuff and so busy with it all for months now that we haven’t had much “us” time. It’s been missed and was really needed. It’s so important for married couples to have alone time without the children to just focus on each other!

Fun- to end this week of time off with the boys (I cherish it so much more now that I’m working), I decided to take it easy and stay home with them. We went outside and played soccer until time to come in and get showers and eat dinner and get ready for bed. I made special paw patrol chicken nuggets for them just to make dinner a little extra fun. It was special time with my boys. Time that I miss when I don’t have it. Time I cherish. We’ve laughed and played and enjoyed each other’s company all day until bed time.

Funny- we are ending this spring break on a funny note. I sent Clay to bed. After he gets settled I always go in and tuck him in and say our night night prayers before he goes to sleep. I got caught up when a long distance phone call came in from my precious aunt in West Virginia. I had to take it. When I got off the phone, I went to tell him good night only to find a very naked two year old tearing the room up and keeping his brother awake. 😳I’m not sure what is with this sudden fascination with the nude but I hope this doesn’t turn into a normal thing. It’s only funny while you’re 2, kid!!

Now it’s time to relax and rest and prepare the week before me. Getting back into the routine is hard. But I am blessed. I am so blessed to have a job to go to. I’m so blessed for the adventure and the new things coming our way. I am blessed to have breath and the ability to work.

I hope you all have enjoyed spring break as much as my family has. It’s not about the money spent, the trips taken, or the food ate. It’s all about spending time with your family and that, my friends, is what we have done successfully this spring break and I have enjoyed every minute of it!



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