Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a very hard virtue for me to uphold. Especially when I have to sit back and wait for God’s timing. But today, one of my favorite songs came to mind- “stand still and let God move. Standing still is hard to do. When you feel you have reached the end, He’ll make a way for you. Stand still and let God move.”

With circumstances and situations in my life, I learned early in life that the best thing to do was to give it to God and let Him be God. His plans are better. His ways are just. He knows what’s best and His timing is perfect!!

With my most recent journey in life, I’ve had to trust God more than ever. It’s been hard. I’ve shed so many tears. I’ve cried to my mama and friends. I’ve stressed to the point of being physically drained.

No more.

God, I give it to You.

One night, in the midst of my struggle, after saying I trusted Him and gave it to Him, but not really leaving it 100% to Him, I decided to finally hand it over. I was at breaking point and there was nothing more I could do to fix the situation.

I broke. I begged God to first forgive me for not seeing it before but then to take it. Take it all off my shoulders. Give me peace. Give me patience to see what He’s doing in my life.

The next day, I felt better. I felt peace. I stood still and let God.

Immediately I began to see things falling into place. Things began to work out.

Now, we’ve hit yet another bump in the road , but I’m choosing to have PATIENCE and let God work His will and His way in His time and it feels oh so good to relax and watch God move.

God knows what He’s doing, friend.

Have patience. Stand still. Let God move.

Stand Still

He Knows What He’s Doing



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