Sunday night with the boys

Sometimes life just gets hectic. You’re running all the time and never feel like you get a break.

Since our new journey has begun, we have been getting home very late every night after being gone all day and even staying busy on the weekends. We are lucky to have dinner together and we are typically so worn out that we all can’t wait to go straight to bed.

Although I like being busy to keep from boredom, sometimes enough is enough.

I’m physically and mentally drained. My boys seem to be dragging all the time. We have plans to do this with this person or go here with that or important meetings regarding our house stuff (more details to come later in the blog), or school, or work, or baby sitters, or squeezing in time with the extended family. While I love all of these things, I’m tired!

So, tonight, we got home at a decent time, and I decided to relax with my kiddos.

Unfortunately, David is working tonight, but I’m getting some much needed time with them. I picked up a pizza and now we are watching Netflix and just relaxing with their candy from the church Easter egg hunt.

I really think it’s important to have chill time with your kids. I think they’ve been missing this. I know I have.

Heath has been throwing outrageous tantrums and having bloodshot eyes. Clay has been a little extra whiny. I honestly believe the exhaustion is catching up to us all. I know I’ve been less patient and more grumpy myself!

I love to talk to my boys. I love to find out how their days were and what they like each day. I love to hear the new words that Heath is learning. But sometimes, we need to just sit down and chill as a family. So, tonight, Netflix and chill it is.

I value this time so much. Especially after being a stay at home mommy for almost six years and then leaving them to start working.

I encourage you to know everything there is to know about your kids. Nag until you know. It’s important. But then sit back and relax with them. Slow down for a bit and just enjoy each other’s company. It makes a world of difference.

I have to remember that even though I’m exhausted and just want rest, these changes are effecting my boys too. They need time to hang out with mommy.

God sure has shown me favor with these two little blessings! They have my whole heart!!

Happy Sunday!!



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