Why do I leave my kids every day to work with other kids?

So, I mentioned in my introductory blog that we have embarked on several new and upcoming adventures. Let me share the one that has been not only the most freeing, but also the most trying experience for me personally.

One of the hardest jobs on this planet is motherhood. To any mother who feels successful ALL of the time- please let me in on your secrets!! No matter how old or how young your children are we all have struggles. Am I right? Stay at home mamas have even more of my respect! It takes patience, it takes sanity, and it takes sacrifices to be a stay at home mama. I know- I’ve done it most of my motherhood. But it is also such a blessing to be able to spend time with your kids and watch them grow.

So, my new adventure you ask? I transitioned from six years of being a stay at home mama to now working, part time, in the late afternoon to evening hours.

At first I was excited. Yes!! A break from my kids! Freedom!!!! Play money!! Win win!! But then there’s the question- why did I choose to work with other kids? If it’s a break from the kids, shouldn’t I want a break from ALL kids? If your answer is yes- then sit back and let me try to convince you of why my answer is NO. NO I shouldn’t avoid all kids.

In just a month of this new chapter in my life, I’ve faced many mixed emotions and many inner struggles. It’s hard to leave my baby every day. It’s hard to pick both boys up knowing we only have time for dinner, homework, showers, and then bed. It’s oh so hard knowing I’m leaving my precious boys that I can punish when necessary ( haha ) to go “babysit” some not so nice little ones that I have to be careful what words I even use to correct them with.

So, here’s why- in the midst of the struggle- I think it was a good decision–

I appreciate my kids more. I appreciate the values they are learning and the respect they are picking up on and I see it more. I appreciate the late nights of no sleep that I just get to hold my little man in my arms. I appreciate family time a little more because I miss them more.

They appreciate me more. They miss me. They are a little jealous of me having “other kids.” They respect me more and obey me easier because they’d rather spend the short amount of time we have together having fun rather than fighting.

Lastly, God has put new children in my life to love and nourish. I make money doing something I love! It’s a job I look forward to going in to (most days) and it’s a job I enjoy!

God has blessed me with two loving little boys that can sometimes drive me up the wall, but at the end of the day, they are mine! I have love to look forward to coming home to and who knows- maybe God put me in the other kids’ lives to teach them manners and respect, or maybe to love one that doesn’t have the love with their parents that I share with my precious kiddos.

In all things, there’s a new lesson to be learned. In all things, there’s a positive mindset to be found.



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